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Hello, welcome to my website! Here you will be able to find out about me, my story books and projects. This is my personal website, if you would like to find out about my academic work then please visit my academic profile.


In short, I am Yasemin Allsop, author, teacher, student, mother, a bit of everything really. I love reading, writing, walking, history, astronomy, astrology and technology. I haven’t published my story books yet, but have decided to start sharing my ideas with the world, rather than waiting until my books are published.

All I share on this site are my personal thoughts and opinions, not of my employer.

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Are you excited about NASA’s Insight Mission?

Are you excited about NASA’s Insight Mission?

I don’t know you but I am very excited about NASA’s Insight Mission. After 7 months of travelling through space, the Mars lander safely arrived on the dusty plains of the Red Planet. It has even sent its first pictures from Mars. I have always been fascinated by finding planets with life forms other than

Finding confidence to speak up!

Finding confidence to speak up!

For years, I only wrote about my academic work and shared ideas of using technology in the classroom. Those who know me closely will be able to tell that I am obsessed with history, especially the history of the Ancient Near East including Mesopotamia and Sumer. I spend most of my little free time watching


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